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Commemorative Walkway at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

The commemorative walkways (aka Brick Campaign) began as a parish fundraising program for Holy Trinity at the time of Opening of the Doors in 2008. It has become a vehicle to honor individuals who have impacted our parish, while it continues to provide a wonderful opportunity for people to create a lasting memory for a myriad of reasons


 Show your support to Holy Trinity by purchasing a 4x8 paver with 3 lines for $100, or an 8x8 paver with 6 lines for $250. The net profit supports parish operations.


Brochures are available on the card rack in the Church Hall and by clicking the button below. Alternately, please contact Connie Espinosa at to assist in this parish ministry.


Your support is a lasting tribute that will honor a veteran, a family member, a loved on, business or an organization. 

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